Simple and casual

This game is a top-down shooter where You control Santa Claus to defeat stealing Snowmen. The game can be played with only one hand, because Santa aims and shoots automatically. You must guide him around the Christmas Tree, pick up the stolen presents to take them back to the Tree or collect Power-Ups. Power-Ups can contain snowball shooting weapons like Shotgun, Machine Gun, Sniper Gun, Flare and Bubble blower or effects like Sprint, Slow-Motion or slowing down the movement of Snowmen.

Sounds easy, right?

At first, it is. Each level's first 5 minutes is calm and relaxing, but after every minute the Snowmen offensive gets stronger and eventually, they will overrun You and steal all Your presents. The game is perfectly suitable for a quick round of fun when You've got only a few minutes. When You commit Yourself to a longer session, the game can provide reasonable challenge, chance to try different strategies, simple inventory management, test of reflexes and endurance. The difficulty is continuously increasing until the point where the Snowmen penetrate Your defenses.


Santa Protects the Christmas Tree can provide a quick, calm, and relaxing session. However, if You want to get the best scores and longest times on a level You can get into intense fun and have a great challenge to do so. A session on a level can last for 5-10 minutes, but if You're really trying You can survive up to 20-25 minutes or even more where the speed and intensity of the game is like an adrenaline rush. Unlocking all the Upgrades and Achievements can be done in around 6-8 hours. These hours can quickly go by thanks to the cute and cheering presentation of the visuals and audio. The differences between the four levels and the little, but fair randomness in the behavior of the Snowmen ensures that each session will be different from the previous game.

Levels and Visuals

There are 4 levels in the game. Each level has its own characteristics, own feeling, and gameplay aspects.

Powdering Peninsula

Smaller, simpler level. Good for beginners and for chill sessions, due to it's easy layout and its smoothly increasing difficulty.

Wonder Village

Beautiful little village with a lot of lights and many places where Snowmen could attack. There are many obstacles for Snowmen to get around to and the lovely dogs of the village help Your job by scaring Snowmen.

Peaky Point

You're alone on the top of a mountain with the Christmas Tree… and with a helpful bear. This one is a hard place; Snowmen can arrive from everywhere without any obstacles to slow them down. However, in the most intense moments the bear of the mountain can scare of the Snowmen around it.

Fancy Forest

Thanks to the three bridges across the small river, you can easily hold off large groups of Snowmen in this forest while You gather Power-Ups between the trees. The patrolling Wolf of the forest may help You by scaring of some Snowmen before they reach the Christmas Tree.